About Us


Byron Rodgers is a United States Marine Corps combat veteran turned private security professional. He has successfully conducted executive protection operations in 60+ countries and counting over the course of the last decade and has consistently worked every client demographic the private security industry has to offer.

As a protector by nature as well as by trade he hosts the largest and most influential private security podcast in the world called, “Executive Protection Lifestyle” where the slogan is, “private security is more than just a job, it is a lifestyle.” On an individual level Byron dedicated his life to the private security industry finding a love and passion for his clients and what he does that is rare amongst professionals within any vocation.


BRG's conception is rooted in the founder’s experience in the United States Marine Corps, where honor is believed to be sacred. So sacred in fact, that death is affectionately welcomed in lieu of honor escaping him. This stronghold is reflected in all that we do, in who we are and in everything we represent. BRG vows to forever be in keeping with this Marine Corps tradition..


We believe discipline is the driving factor behind success and is what separates the good from the great. Motivation will fade, and when it does, those with the discipline to be consistent will win. Victories and valuable things may be acquired but they are not long maintained, enjoyed, appreciated or leveraged over time without discipline.


Balance is probably our most important attribute and value. We feel that the balance must be applied to all things because it is a requirement for homeostasis. Too much of anything is not good and the only way you know that you have enough is through the harmony that comes from a result of finding the right balance of anything. Because our security strategies are highly customized to our clients, balance followed by flexibility are a primary and secondary consideration in all that we do.


Executive protection is an ever living and changing ecosystem. As the clientele's preferences change so must the practitioner's focus. By making customer service equally as important as security and evolving our security strategies with the needs of our clients as well as the most salient security industry tactics, we are able to maintain mutually beneficial efficient protective measures with our users long-term.