It is predicted that cybercrimes will cost the world roughly $6 trillion by 2021. Cyber criminals contribute to an array of crimes that impact many of us not only on a corporate level but also a personal level with things such as human trafficking, pedophilia/abductions and identity theft. As the world becomes ever increasingly more and more technical, the ability to protect oneself, one’s family and assets in the technical realm is becoming absolutely nonnegotiable. 

Bravo research group employs industry professionals with backgrounds in law enforcement and the military who are highly trained in cyber security, open source/social media reconnaissance and profiling methods of monitoring that will safeguard your family from cyber predators of many types. Is someone bothering you online or harassing you through social media?

Is someone hiding behind the veil of anonymity that the digital veil provides?
Is there someone you want to evade, understand or keep an eye on? We can help.


Initial Tech & Cyber Risk Assessment

Assess your vulnerability through social media and various other online channels

AIM: To Minimize the likelihood of cyber-attacks breaches and/or embarrassments almost completely, penetration testing “pen test.”

- Two prongs: Social media/online presence and/or technology assessment.

Client is advised it will be performed but continues normal pattern of use/behavior online in order to establish a baseline of behavior. This is an all-out attack from the Good Guys. Once all digital and virtual threats to client safety have been detected, tested and scrutinized, an official document is generated of these vulnerabilities that assists in the implementation of a more intelligent digital security strategy.

Threats could include the following potentials but are not limited to:

  • Phishing / spear phishing likelihood
  • Password strength
  • Penetration / “pen testing”
  • Social engineering
  • Current leaked credential checks and more.

Assessment can be conducted in corporate settings or with multiple applications encompassing everything from phones, computers, networks, etc. HIPAA, PCI compliance as well as nondisclosure and hold harmless agreements are perfect and observed.


Activated Alerts

Online chatter elevates from a basic social media presence to one of interest. Something is tripped either from Phase I or because of content online. Social media team creates proactive plan to implement first line defenses against alerts, flags, and overall intelligence. Research conducted on previous related issues and presented in a likelihood to happen to client. – monthly service


Social Media Team is Activated

Once activated, the Social Media team actively monitors all activity and works full time with Executive team to restore baseline activity. – monthly service

  • Full-time monitoring
  • Continuous threat surveillance and reporting
  • Consistent security briefs with client/staff member and other teams on specific posts, threats, etc.
  • Communication channels are opened with clients or social media management companies for collaborative effort to restore baseline behavior.



Social media team takes control of all social media accounts and actively hunts threats to mitigate the issue. Non-conventional methods utilized to provide leads to law enforcement. BRG is given total control and tasked with, “solving the problem.”