Man Power

Good security and good business both revolve around relationships. An agent’s relationship with his client, his relationship with the public and his relationship with the enemy. No matter how direct or indirect these relationships may be, our security professionals are trained and prepared to manage all of them in a way that keeps our clients safe and supports our client’s missions at the same time.

We are not perfect but we are committed to continual progress and delivering it work product of excellence that is designed to improve our client’s overall quality of life day in and day out. With experience all over the world with every client demographic that the private security industry has to offer, we have been very successful in developing valuable, mutually beneficial progressive relationships with many clients over the past decade.

We offer a number of
different types of
manpower solutions:

Executive Protection

We supply top-of-the-line security professionals with various backgrounds in fields related to combat and personal protection. Our professionals go through a proprietary trading process that prepares them socially and mentally to have the finesse necessary to do the best job possible. Our executive protection agents are trained to be firm but flexible, very knowledgeable about their craft, proactive and very helpful with regards to any number of situations that organically come up a day-to-day basis. The focus will always be your security but their goal is to make your life run more smoothly because of the way they are doing their job. We do not believe in compromising your security for your comfort, however our brand of security is never meant to be intrusive unless that becomes absolutely necessary. Our agents are not for everyone but when there is a fit it has proven to be a lasting one.

Security Driver

Threat level dependent, we offer a security professional who can also double as a driver. This service is ideal for individuals visiting town on business, going out for the night or any number of somewhat high visibility activities. With this service VIP experience the fusion of two different skill sets both driving and personal protection.

Secure Transport

We can transport all of your valuables and personnel on a regular basis or special occasion. While we can utilize armored vehicles, we are not an overt armored car service but rather we use a number of what we know are very effective tools to transport the things that mean the most to you, your family and your company in total safety, silence and anonymity.

Armed guards

We believe that armed guards are the backbone of any good security company, and that a company’s values are showcased more within the foot soldiers of the organization that any other place. Our guards exemplify our values of honor, discipline, balance and evolution on a daily basis. Our goal is to make those values apparent on-site and to everyone during every human interaction our guards participate in. If you're looking for the lowest bidder, we are not your company. We are here to give you a quality product in the form of armed guard security. We are in the business of helping quality clients enjoy quality security and that is done by creating quality relationships with high quality people in the form of client and service provider. We do not believe that the type of quality product we can stand behind will come out of any type of security shop that is paying their guards less then they should be worth. We’re not necessarily the most expensive, however our focus is never on the numbers but always on quality and we will figure something out that works for you and your organization directly.