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Active Security Operator


In response to the increasing threats of active shooters and human threats, Bravo Research Group has developed the Active Security Operator Program. This innovative program is tailored to mitigate these risks in environments previously underserved by standard security guard, service providers.

The Active Security Operator Program operates seamlessly within your organization, ensuring minimal disruption to daily operations while significantly enhancing risk and threat mitigation capabilities. Our approach is both offensive and defensive, focusing on proactive risk identification and immediate threat response to safeguard lives in critical moments.

Designed for venues like schools, churches, corporate offices, and high-traffic areas, this program provides robust security with or without the overt presence of uniformed officers, addressing concerns about optics and social impacts. Clients have the flexibility to choose between uniformed security operators for a visible deterrent or plain-clothed personnel for a discreet security posture, aligning with their brand and cultural considerations.

Key Features:

* Technology Integration: Utilizing advanced technological solutions.
* Open Source Intelligence: Monitoring and investigations for proactive threat detection.
* Covert Security Personnel: Discreet security measures tailored to your environment.
* Quick Reaction Security Force: Rapid response capabilities for immediate threat mitigation.
* On-site medical capabilities: EMT / trauma response professionals built into every single team
* First Responder Liaison: Coordination with emergency services to ensure swift and effective responses.

This adaptable security framework can be implemented at specific facilities or scaled to serve entire communities, private neighborhoods, or corporate enterprises.

We invite you to explore how our cutting-edge security solutions can create a safer environment for you and those under your care. Let’s discuss how Bravo Research Group can tailor our Active Security Operator Program to meet your unique security needs.

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