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At BRAVO, we operate a two-tier private security professional system comprising Executive Protection agents and uniform security operators. We do not use the term “guard” as it doesn’t reflect the elevated level of service we provide. As ahigh-end, white-glove, full-service security organization, we deliver unmatched service and manpower quality supported by extensive training and technical resources.

Our security professionals take pride in enhancing mission effectiveness while ensuring superior protection and security. Our goal is to not make security the focus of your life but to enable you to live with peace of mind, knowing that we are providing comprehensive coverage and support for your primary mission.

Uniform Security Operators (SO)

Our uniform security operators form the backbone of BRAVO. These professionals, distinct from standard armed guards, undergo rigorous training similar to our Executive Protection agents. Adorned in BRAVO uniforms with exposed weapons and additional gear, they provide heightened deterrence to potential threats in any environment. Ideal for perimeter security, venue protection, estate security, and neighborhood patrols, our operators possess a broad skill set encompassing medical training, firearms expertise, and interpersonal skills crucial for effective security operations. They add credibility to corporations and families alike, ensuring safety without compromising professionalism.

Many of our clients benefit from deploying both tiers of our Executive Protection manpower to achieve comprehensive coverage during travel or while securing physical locations. We are eager to consult with you to determine the optimal manpower assets for empowering your family or organization to execute your mission safely and efficiently.

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Our Executive Protection professionals are trained to deliver superior security and protection swiftly and effectively in any setting or event our high-profile clients require. They bring extensive backgrounds in military and law enforcement, complemented by years of experience. Whether in plain clothes, suits, or casual attire, our agents are dedicated to professionalism and service. They are not only tasked with keeping you safe but also ensuring that your operations proceed safely and seamlessly, allowing you to meet your mission requirements with confidence and in good spirits.

Security Operator

We believe that armed guards are the backbone of any good security company, and that a company’s values are showcased more within the foot soldiers of the organization that any other place. Our guards exemplify our values of honor, discipline, balance and evolution on a daily basis. Our goal is to make those values apparent on-site and to everyone during every human interaction our guards participate in. If you’re looking for the lowest bidder, we are not your company. We are here to give you a quality product in the form of armed guard security. We are in the business of helping quality clients enjoy quality security and that is done by creating quality relationships with high quality people in the form of client and service provider. We do not believe that the type of quality product we can stand behind will come out of any type of security shop that is paying their guards less then they should be worth. We’re not necessarily the most expensive, however our focus is never on the numbers but always on quality and we will figure something out that works for you and your organization directly.