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Byron Rodgers, a distinguished Marine Corps combat veteran, serves as the CEO of Bravo Research Group, bringing with him over a decade of expertise in executive protection and security management. His background is fortified with a Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology and extensive experience in high-stakes security operations across 60+ countries. Byron’s clientele is notably diverse, including celebrities, CEOs, religious leaders, and political figures, all of whom have depended on his skill in ensuring their safety through customized security solutions.

Byron Rodgers is renowned for his commitment to building enduring relationships and delivering unparalleled service. As the founder of the Executive Protection Lifestyle brand and podcast, he has disseminated his profound insights and best practices, nurturing a community dedicated to excellence in the executive protection field. His dedication to the industry is further exemplified by his establishment of the League of Executive Protection Specialists, a leading training institution focused on elevating standards and developing new talent in executive protection.

Leadership is a fundamental aspect of Rodgers’ professional ethos. He has been at the forefront of global security operations since 2008, expertly managing all facets of private security details, including strategic planning, digital strategy, vendor relations, and customer service. His leadership extends to maintaining rigorous training standards, overseeing budgets, and the implementation of effective policies and procedures.

With a unique blend of military discipline, forensic psychology insights, and executive protection knowledge, Byron Rodgers stands out as a leader in the security industry. He is dedicated to ensuring the utmost safety and tranquility for those under his protection, upholding the highest standards of excellence in every mission.

If you are reading this, it means Byron Rodgers is interested in continuing or launching a conversation to explore ways to join forces with you and contribute to your organization’s success. Please reach out at your earliest convenience using the contact information below. Byron looks forward to discussing how he can add significant value to your team and help achieve your organizational goals.